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How Reviews Can Help You Or Let You Down

Thanks to the explosion of the net and particularly the inundation of smartphones, more and more people are finding it easy to browse the net while on the move and purchase the goods they want.

However, a hefty percentage of them feel let down after they receive the product because it is not the same as what was advertised on the site of the vendor. For example, let us consider antivirus and antimalware programs.

A quick online search will provide you with hundreds of results of such programs, each one claiming that their software is the best. It is but obvious that all of them will focus on the positive factors of their program. That’s why it can sometimes be good to use sites like OfficialTop5Review to get some of the top options in front of you, researched by someone else.

They review the top 5 products for many different areas, and a site like TopTenReviews will review the top 10.

However, if you notice the websites of some of them closely, you will find that their product cannot prevent ransomware, root kits, or zero day exploits. God help you if you purchased such a program without finding out its pros and cons along with its capabilities.

This is where websites that contain reviews come to the fore. However, this is not the end of the story. Many companies hire professional copywriters to write praiseworthy reviews of their products with an intention to fool gullible people.

What are your options?

Does this mean that you have no options left? Let us take a look at another case. A person purchased a beautiful set of crayons for his kid. He was horrified when he received the product and found that the pigments used in the crayons contained a hefty amount of lead, a toxic metal.

He would not have purchased that good had he known about this issue. However, as with the previous case, how can one determine which website provides genuine reviews? Your best option is to note down the details of the product and search it online.

Check for the number of reviews and the date on which they were published. If all the reviews were posted within a week of each other (and this includes video reviews on YouTube), you can rest assured that the product is not worth it.

However, you have some options to find out about fake products through video reviews. Go through the comments posted by others viewing that video. If most of them are positive, chances are bright that the product is genuine.

However, even this is not a foolproof method to find out the authenticity of a product. A marketer can easily hire several people to write positive posts under the video for a couple of Cents per post.

How to separate the wheat from the chaff

Here is an excellent way to separate the genuine stuff from the fake. Search online for the name of the company manufacturing the product. Let us assume that you want to purchase a firewall and have decided on “Sophos Firewall.”

Search online again, but instead of searching for “firewall” put “Sophos” (the name of the manufacturer) in the query field. You will find many sites offering reviews about this software on the first page of Google search results, including one from Wikipedia.

If the details of the company shows up on Wiki, you can rest assured that it is genuine. By the way, I also found reviews about the software from famous online computer magazines such as “PC World” and “ZD Net.”

You can be 100 percent sure that reviews by these magazines are worth their weight in gold and you can trust them blindly. You can use this exact method to find out genuine reviews of almost everything. Here are some more tips to help you.

You want to purchase a torch

You are interested in a torch being sold by an online site because of its features. Now search for the word “torch+review” on Google. Do NOT input the name of the product.

The search results will provide you with information about sites carrying reviews on torches. Go through a few of them and check if they contain reviews of the product you were interested in. If none of these sites contains any information about it, forget about it.

On a positive note, you can visit these sites and check the torches they recommend. Check for that particular brand in a couple of other review sites. If most of them give positive ratings, you can purchase that model.