Are you searching for a method to boost your 9 to 5 income? The easiest way to do so is by building a WordPress site (blog), and writing product reviews about goods being sold on Amazon. However, you first need to host your WordPress site, which is quite easy and cheap too. You will next have to go to the affiliate program section o Amazon and sign up with them. I strongly recommend that you read their terms and conditions carefully before signing up. This will help you understand the types of products you are eligible to sell, and how to post them on your blog site. You can earn a cool 4 percent of every product that people purchase from Amazon by clicking its link on your site. You need not worry as the online supermarket will provide you with full details including the bit of code you have to paste to create your affiliate button for each product.

Time to start writing convincing posts
This is the tricky part. Write a high quality post about the dangers of obesity and how to get rid of it. You have to convince visitors that they need the weight reducer; else, they might die a premature death. Grab the sentiments of the viewer. Remind him how his family can suffer without him. If you have grabbed the attention of the reader, you can be sure that he will scroll down to the purchase link and click on it. This redirects his browser to the product’s page on Amazon. Once completes his purchase, Amazon will credit 4% of the sales value to your account. Remember, people love honest reviews. Therefore, make sure that you have comprehensive knowledge about the product before writing reviews about it. There are other sites too that provide you with similar commissions. You only have to search online for the term “affiliate.”