Your office laser printer that you had purchased a couple of years ago is no longing functioning as it should. Apart from that, thanks to your expanding business, you need a fast printer with a high resolution. Therefore, once you are armed with this information, finding the appropriate product on the net should be a piece of cake. Be prepared to be shocked after you conduct an online search. You will be inundated with products manufactured by different companies offering the same specifications. You now need to sort them by price and purchase the one that costs the least, right? Wrong! Thanks to innovation in technology, modern generation printers offer many more features. By spending slightly more, you can purchase a model that offers you whatever you were looking for and much more. You can find out the exact details by going through the online reviews of those printers. You will find printers that allow you to connect with it via WiFi. You no longer need to clutter your office with cables connecting the multiple computers to a printer. Again, look for a printer that has more memory. This ensures that the queue flushes faster and printing jobs no longer remain in the queue for more than a couple of seconds.

The Alibaba approach
It is time to learn the tricks of how to find the best technology-related reviews without even muttering “open sesame.” Instead of searching online for “high speed laser printer” or “laser printer with maximum memory,” refine your search to “best laser printers 2019.” Do not forget to add the year, as that will provide you with the most relevant and updated results. Not satisfied with the results? Here is another search term that will provide you with the best information. Tweak the keyword to “technical reviews 2019 laser printer.” You will find some of the leading technical websites that review lasers too at the top of the search results. Some of them include famous names in the industry such as:
Techradar Pro
Tom’s Guide
The Wirecutter
Top 10 Reviews, and
Gearhungry, plus lots more

You can now browse through those sites and find out reviews written by experts who have access to the state of the art diagnostic tools required to test these printers and provide you with an honest opinion. Let us suppose you are interested in a specific printer after going through its review in one of the sites. Note down the list price and visit the other sites and check for reviews for that same printer. This provides you with more information about the device. If required, copy and paste the information from each site on Notepad. This allows you to have all the required information on a single page.

Looking for some other technical product?
If you are looking for a different technical product, follow the same steps outline above, but replace the “laser printer” with the product you are searching for. You will be pleasantly surprised with the in depth technology-related reviews on those sites. Some of the sites, such as PCMag, list the products based on their prices (lowest first). Others such as “Top10” list 10 related products giving three of them a Gold, Silver, and Bronze award. By the way, some of these sites contain video reviews too. Happy hunting!