Many people were waiting for Beats to release a new set of Powerbeats. The popular headphones had a very good showing a few years ago, but they were becoming a little stale. That is when the company announced Powerbeats Pro, a fully wireless option for people who want to have a full range of motion when they are going about their daily activities.

Now that they have been out for a few months, many are starting to wonder just how great they are. Is this the best wireless headphone option on the market right now? Are they better than the AirPods? It depends on the use and budget, but it is a debate worth having.

The wireless difference

The previous model of Powerbeats was received well, but there was still a wire that connected the two earpieces. It was wireless to a certain degree, but still, a bit restricting. Athletes were very frustrated with having that wire dangle, so getting that eliminated was obviously the main selling point for the Powerbeats Pro.

What the company did with the headphones in other departments really helped as well. This is a pair of headphones that has a battery that can last all day long. They are very comfortable to wear, and that they stay in the year much better than AirPods. The hook around that ear might be a little too much for some people but is perfect for athletes who might fear them falling out.

Sound quality

Beats has a reputation of being more about the name than anything else. They are trying to change all that with a premium sound that matches the premium price. Yes, the Powerbeats Pro are very expensive, but they pack a powerful punch. The sound is strong, and it is very easy to hear clearly when working out. Compared to other completely wireless options, this might be some of the best sound available right now according to other reviews.


If there is one drawback to the Powerbeats, it is, of course, the pricing. At around $250, it is one of the most expensive options for wireless earbuds. These are built to last, so at least they will be around for a long time as long as the person takes care of them.

Final verdict

If it fits under a person’s budget, it is hard to find a better pair of earbuds right now than the Powerbeats Pro. They come in a variety of colors, and they do everything well. With comfort to wear all day long, it’s an easy choice for any type of lifestyle.